12 November 2018

Rudolph ..... Reindeer Advent Bags

I Have a 12 year old Daughter & a 9 year old son (who is autistic)
 He also dislikes chocolate & most sweets!
This makes it quite difficult come December with advents...
3 years ago I started a new family tradition of an activity advent,
I give the children a daily activity inside an envelope on a pegged advent.
this year I am adding a twist I have made 24 Reindeer paper bags
which I will place the activity in .....

Here is the fun we are going to have in December:
Day 1 - Send a letter to Santa - contents: Pen, writing paper, Envelope & stamp.
Day 2 - Reindeer & snowmen bells - contents Bell kits.
Day 3 - Colour in the character - contents Chritmas character & felt pens.
Day 4 - Mosaic Pictures - contents Christmas mosiac picture kits.
Day 5 - Foam Sleighs - Contents Kit & tube of glue.
Day 7 - Stitch a Robin - contents Robin sewing kit.
Day 8 - Pudding Hangers - Contents wooden flat ornament, marker pen, glitterglue,
 holly sequins, brown & white paint.
Day 9 - Yarn Snowmen - contents water balloons, white yarn, Pva glue, accessories.
Day 10 - Bat & Ball - Contents Christmas colour in Bat & ball, felt pens.  
Day 11 - Sun catchers - Contents Wreath sun catcher kits.
Day 12 - Christmas winders - contents build wind up character kit.
Day 13 - Wooden hangers - contents 8 Christmas Shapes, Paints, Glitter glue & embellishments.
Day 14 - Candy Reindeer - contents Candy Canes, Brown paper, google eyes & red pompoms.
Day 15 - Snowman soups - contents bags, poems, Hot chocolate, Canes, mallows & toppers.
Day 16 - Alphabet Hangers -  Contents 4" Initial, paint, glitter glue & gems.
Day 17 - Unicorn Picture - Contents Unicorn Christmas mini picture kits.
Day 18 - Snow globes - Contents design your own snow globe kit.
Day 19 - Plaster Ornament - Contents Plaster Shapes, Paints, Glitter glue & embellishments.
Day 20 - Family Cards - Contents Card Blanks, paper pack, toppers & embellishments.
Day 21 - Visit Santa & Shopping - Contents Envelope with destination & £10 each.
Day 22 - Christmas Cookies - Contents Cookie Kit, cutters & sweet decorations.
Day 23 - 3D Words - Contents 3d word, decopatch paper & Embellishments.
Day 24 - Door Hanger - Contents Chip board door plaque, paint & embellishments.

6 November 2018

Snow Princess

I have made a promise to myself to get my scrapbooking up to date ....

Here is a page of my daughter when she was 2 & we had upto 2 foot of snow (rare in the south of England) I put her in the garden & she replied help Im stuck as I took a photo! 
She loved the snow - even after face planting!

Challenges: End 30/11/18


Hi There ......

Hi There my lovely blogging friends
What have I been up to for 21 months? TBH not alot!
I did pick up a needle, aida & threads! So cross stitched a little.
I have had alot of stressful family commitments so crafting really got put on a shelf.
It seems an eternity since I picked up a piece of pattern paper or some glue,
I Decided to have a KraftKart Blitz last week which took over 4 days to do!
I was radical, do I need this? do I want this? will I use this?
then it was placed in the correct pile: Keep, Bin or to decide later!
I have Filled my paper recycle bin & still have 2 crisp boxes full of paper recycle to go!
My cupbards are very organised, uncluttered & ready to go...
However I have a bag for life of cake decorating tools, bag of plastic 3d pen refills,
 1 crisp box full of stamps, 1 crisp box full of embellishments & papers, 
many other crafting accessories, dies, & a pile of embossing folders,
not forgetting a big shot, a tag-along, hot foil pen .....
now I have this massive pile of "to decide later" & no idea what to do with!
I think its a case of being over whelmed by the pile!
Any way Hopefully this is the end of my no mojo era & I will try to keep my blog
updated & get my scrapbooking up to date & who knows I may even start 
mking some cards again!

Take care everyone Kozmik xxx