6 March 2011

First Birthday Invites - for Ronan!

My Cousin asked me if I would make her sons birthday invites - Teddy Bear Pic-nic Theme - this is what I made - they are blank on the insde as my cousin wishes to add the detail herself x

4 March 2011

3 March 2011

For Emma!

A lady (Emma) at my daughters school asked me if I would be interested in some bits which were left over from her wedding, With my neice just getting engaged I said yes! well she brought it in next day .... 200 sheets of red A4 card, 200 C6 card blanks & Envelopes, Bag of ribbons ....... The rest 300 cake boxes, Guest book & Album, keep sake box - I gave to my neice!

I decided I would make Emma a thankyou card using some donated bit ......