13 May 2014

feeling spoilt ....

My N.Y.R was not to purchase any new craft items .... well I have done very well I have only purchased magazines which have a free gift :)  my gorjuss husband has been so proud of me that when I went into the works and I only looked - he decided to treat me to some marker pens and some petty paper! we also found some stamps in a charity shop!

28 April 2014

1D for Jazmin

A friend asked for a 1D card for her niece ... as it was my 1D mad 14yr old daughters birthday just a few days ago we had some 1D scraps left - I cut Harry out of the wrapping paper and used the front off of a gift tag ....

9 March 2014

24 February 2014

Sam & Andy.

This is the card I made for my friends who celebrated 18 years of marriage...


1 image - tatty teddy rubber stamp
2 Shapes - Square & Circle
3 Papers - pink heart, grey heart & doily
4 embellishments - Heart pearls

17 January 2014

Table mats

I have been searching for months for some navy blue cork back circle table mats .... not asking much ...... in the end I purchased some cheap 1970's circle cork back table mats and covered them with blue wrap ...

Above : Before
Below : After
Below : Up Close

1 January 2014

Happy New Year ....

Wow 2013 has flown by! Firstly I would like to say a big Thankyou to all my followers and all those who took the time to comment on any of my posts x I would like to wish anyone reading this pos a very healthy & happy 2014. 

My new year resolutions are as follows .... 
1)Only purchase crafting items needed!
2)Use or sell craft items I purchased on impulse!
3)Sort out the kraftkart & sell unwanted items!
4)Start making 2014 christmas card asap!
5)Not allow people to walk all over me!

Wish me luck .... love to you all Kozmik xx