30 December 2015

2015 comes to an End

2015 is coming to an End 
I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a healthy happy 2016.
I had a lovely Christmas which I am sure you did too!

A difficult year for myself  after losing some loved ones
Barbara, Frank & Uncle Pat.
It was an eye opener to people who are not to be trusted.
A shop who I highly recommended treated me as a criminal for reporting a missing item 
so will get no more free advertising from me nor my custom!
We purchased a tent & ventured off to the isle of wight which was great tho we
got very wet & flooded home 2 days early!
Other than these nothing really exciting happened this year.

Well what do I have to look forward to this year...
I celebrate 10 years of Marriage.
I turn 40 in February (mixed feelings)
My Daughter turns 16 in April.
My Son Turns 18 in November.
Another Camping trip to be decided.
& lots of home improvements.

11 October 2015

For Karen

A friend of mine has asked me to make a card to say thankyou to the lady
who trained her new guide dog...
I made it so a 6x4 photo can slot in!

30 September 2015

Lolly Pop cake

Heather had a sweet theme Birthday Party.
The children made sweet trees!
I had to make a cake to suit the occasion ....

26 July 2015

Thank you teachers!

Being a mum to 2 primary children I have teacher gifts to sort .... I wanted to make something different that would also involve the children so we decided  on Apple hangers in Apple boxes!

Quickutz revolution die

19 May 2015

For Jim

A very good friend was searching for a "Big Hero 6" cake for her son,
I decided to step up & offered to make it .... 

With a white chocolate Baymax!

I also made 36 deflated Baymax cupcakes for the party!

I have had lots of mums say they were delicious!