22 March 2013

Sue & Kevin

A friend asked me if I would make he engagement invites ...... blue/red roses or butterflies - I made 10 Samples they chose 24 of 3 designs!!


20 March 2013

Simple Mothersday

I was asked to make a cute mothersday card - My son (Age 3) came in the craft room and insisted on taking the card ....... I re-made the order and received this myself lol

19 March 2013

18 March 2013

Dog Walking

I was asked to make a card for Nanna who loves to walk her dog .....

17 March 2013

Purple Panda

I was asked to make a panda card for a lady who loves Purple ...

12 March 2013

Speedy Recovery

This is the card I have made for my FIL to wish him well after his surgery today ... I made the card candy myself as I had none to suit ..


11 March 2013

9 March 2013

Secret Stork

A pregnant friend is participating in a secret stork on a forum - she asked if I would make her a card to send with he gift ....

7 March 2013

LOTV - For Nanny.

Here is a card I had requested from a lady at playgroup for her 2yr old daughter to give nanny (also at playgroup) for mothersday.......

4 March 2013

sorry you're leaving

I have made my 1st 8x8 card! I needed a leaving card for multiple people to sign - had to be cute orange/yellow colours ........


3 March 2013

1 March 2013